Drawn Together Character
Full Name Yahweh
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair White
Age Eternal
Job Deity
Sexuality Bisexual
Religion Christianity
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
Yahweh (God) is the omnipotent and all-knowing deity of Christianity and according the the Christian Bible, the creator of the universe. He appeared as a minor gag character in the confessional at the end of the episode Gay Bash.


God appeared at the end of the episode Gay Bash. He was in the confessional, telling everyone that he though that Princess Clara was a complete asshole for being so homophobic. He revealed that he actually loved the gays because they were adorable. Just then, Xandir's penis came into the confessional through the glory hole, and God was interested by this and began to playfully fondle it. If the story of God marrying the Virgin Mary is canonical to the series, then this makes God a bisexual.

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