Giant Who S**ts in His Own Mouth is a character who only appears The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!. He lives in Make a Point Land and guards the palace of the Make a Point Wizard. He has a sphincter on his head which funnels feces directly into his mouth. He hates having been born like this and when the housemates come up with a way to keep the poop from going into his mouth (by attaching Clara's detached arms onto his head to divert the sphincter), he thanks them and later saves them from being killed in the explosion which destroys Make a Point Land. When he arrives back at the Drawn Together house with the gang, he ends up flirting with the robot I.S.R.A.E.L, asking if she liking s**ting in people's mouths. He then gets killed with the other characters by an Eraser Bomb.

The Giant is voiced by Dave Jeser.