Georgina Georgopolis
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Gerogina Georgopolis
Gender Female
Race Greek
Hair Burnett
Age 5
Job Minor
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Cree Summer
Georgina Georgopolis is a little girl who first appeared in the episode Freaks & Greeks. She is a little girl who's family moved next door to the Drawn Together House where Captain Hero mistook her for a goat and kidnapped her after constantly harassing their family, mistaking them as a Greek fraternity league. She was also later seen in the episodes Lost in Parking Space, Part One and American Idol Parody Clip Show.


Georgina is a little girl with brown hair that she wears in a reddish brownish hairband. She has a beige shirt and a reddish brownish skirt. She also has orange sneakers and white socks.

Episode RolesEdit

  • Freaks & Greeks - Georgina and her family immigrated from Greece and moved into the house next door to the Drawn Together House. Captain Hero mistook her family as a Greek fraternity and her as a goat who was their mascot. Captain Hero decided to get revenge on them by kidnapping her. Her parents were devastated and miserable that she was gone and they sadly went back to Greece again. After Captain Hero realized his mistake, he went to Greece and returned her to her family and they sang the musical number Pledging Days. At the end, Captain Hero kidnapped Georgina again and flew off with her.
  • Lost in Parking Space, Part One - Georgina made a brief cameo in this episode. Clara realized that there was a mix up when making talking toys when her talking Jesus toy was shown to have the sound chip of a Barbie toy. A cutaway to the Barbie with the Jesus sound chip was shown, revealing Georgina to be the one with it. Georgina used her Barbie which lashed out at her, calling her a whore and telling her to burn in Hell. Georgina screamed in terror and ran away.
  • American Idol Parody Clip Show - Georgina and the rest of her family were seen in the audience during the clip show.


  • In Freaks & Greeks, she would sometimes do things that a goat would also do, adding onto Captain Hero's joke of mistaking her for a goat.
  • Although she moved back to Greece in Freaks & Greeks, in Lost in Parking Space Part 1, she was seen in the same house that was next door to the Drawn Together House.

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