Frog God
Frog God
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Frog God
Gender Unknown
Race Bullfrog
Hair Bald
Age Unknown
Job Religious Figure
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Frog God Follower
Voiced by None
Frog God is a dead frog that appeared in the episode Little Orphan Hero. His dead body was crucified and worshiped as a god by some of the the housemates.


Frog God is a bullfrog that appeared in the episode Little Orphan Hero. It apparently died of unknown causes. Clara, Spanky, Toot, and Ling-Ling found this frog and decided to have a tea party with it. Afterwards, they decided to worship it as a god and they crucified it to an wooden X in the ground and started to bow before it and change their religions to followers of the Frog God. Foxxy Love came across them doing this, and she thought it was completely ridiculous that they were worshiping Frog God, telling them that Salamander Jesus is the only true god. Later in the episode, Spanky mentioned that he and the gang stopped worshiping Frog God because he dried up in the sun and the neighbor's dog ate him.

In the episode American Idol Parody Clip Show, Frog God was seen during the montage of all of the people who have died over the course of the Drawn Together series.


Frog God is a giant dark green bullfrog that is very bloated in the stomach. It has yellow eyes and big lips and very pointy fingers.


  • All followers of the Frog God are contradicting with their own religions by following him. Clara is a Christian, Toot is a Jew, Ling-Ling is a Scientologist, and Spanky is a Muslim. However, Frog God was clearly just a gag so it was not meant to be taken seriously.
  • An actual frog god cult gained something of a following on the Internet in 2016.

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