Franken Berry
Franken Berry
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Franken Berry (formerly Frankenstein)
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Hair None
Age Unknown
Job President of the cereal empire
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion unknown
Voiced by Jason Huber
Franken Berry is the main antagonist in the episode Breakfast Food Killer. He is a famous cereal mascot who wanted to collect all of the UCP codes in order to take down the cereal empire and make it his own. He did this by gaining the trust of Wooldoor and harnessing his power for evil. He is a parody on Frankenstien.


Franken Berry is a big pink monster with purple screws in his head and purple eyebrows and purple meta eyeliner. Her has a magic 8 ball on one side of his head and a birdhouse on the other. He has a pink shirt and gray chains wrapped around his body.


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