Foxxy Phat

Foxxy Phat was the obese member and guitarist of The Foxxy Five. Her most repeated and almost only line is "Hey hey hey!" She first appeared in Captain Hero's Marriage Pact where she died, and later made a flashback cameo in Lost in Parking Space, Part One for no explained reason. She is voiced by Cree Summer.


Foxxy Phat is an extremely overweight girl with a giant, fat body and a fat face. Her hair is very short and is worn in a tiny bun in the back. She dresses in an orange top and a thong with a dark brown strap with a fox tail on the back. She wears a hat that has little fox ears on them.


Foxxy Phat is a wild and crazy party girl who really likes having fun and dancing and she will usually get herself into trouble. She thinks very little of anything other than partying and even when it comes to a near death situation such as the one she experiences when getting run over by the Foxxy mobile, she will still say her infamous quote in an upbeat tone as though nothing was happening. However, when it comes to a more minor situation, such as getting in a fight with her bandmates, that's when Foxxy Phat gets serious and she will get extremely angry and violent.


Foxxy Phat in Lost in Parking Space Part 1
  • The "Phat" in her name is a joke on the fact that she's fat.
  • Though she speaks other words during the catfight, Foxxy Phat generally only says "Hey hey hey!", which was the catchphrase of both Dwayne Nelson on "What's Happening!!" and "Fat Albert", though her vocal inflection is more reminiscent of Nelson's usage of the phrase.
  • She made a cameo in Lost in Parking Space, Part One. When Clara was having flashbacks to the warnings of the "rapture", one of them, was of Foxxy Phat saying "Hey, hey, hey!"