Foxxy's Mom
Foxxy's Mom
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human/Fox
Hair Unknown/Orange (fur)
Age Unknown (deceased)
Job Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Cree Summer/None
Foxxy's Mom is the biological mother of Foxxy Love and ex-wife of Uncle Benny. She made a cameo in the episode Ghostesses in the Slot Machine, portrayed as a human being, but appeared again as a zoological fox in the episode Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care. Her two appearances in the series contradict who she is because both of her appearances were only gags. Granted, her appearance in "Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care" had a bit more backstory behind it, so it's most likely that that story is the one that's canon, if one of the stories were to be chosen to be canon.


Foxxy's mom has two different contradicting backstories for her two different appearances in the series. However, there is one story that is absolutely canon and applies very well to both of them. In general, Foxxy's biological mom is the woman who took care of her for the majority of her childhood. Her biological father left her when she was only three, claiming that he was "going to buy cigarettes", when he was really leaving forever. Her mother was the only person in the house who raised her from that point on.

Foxxy's Mom (Ghostesses in the Slot Machine)

Foxxy's mom in Ghostesses in the Slot Machine

In Ghostesses in the Slot Machine, Foxxy had a brief flashback to when she was 14. Her mom was a human being who raised her in an little old house. She was seen as a silhouette in the window and her voice was heard yelling at her, telling her that if she wants to dress like a stripper, then she should get the hell out of her house. She was then seen kicking her out of the house as punishment.

In Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care, Foxxy's Mom was a normal, everyday fox who somehow got married to a human being named Uncle Benny. The two of them gave birth to two children who were fox-human hybrids. Very soon after their marriage, however, the two of them started to quickly drift apart and they both had different needs. Uncle Benny wanted oral sex, and Foxxy's Mom wanted to hoard squirrel carcasses. When their children were only three years old, Uncle Benny left the family, and never came back, leaving Foxxy's Mom to take care of the children on her own. She raised them into adulthood, and one day, she died. When she did, she gave parts of her body to her children. Foxxy Love got fur wristbands and her head.

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