Fire the Load Reprise
Season 3, Song 28
Fire the Load Reprise
Singers(s) Xandir
Episode American Idol Parody Clip Show
Song guide
"Ling-Ling Battle Song Cover"
"I wanted you to know Reprise"

Fire the Load Reprise is Xandir's entry in the American Idol Parody Clip Show. It is a broadway version of the song "Fire the Load" from the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education.


Xandir: Get ready to fire the load! Come on!
Salty semen in a submarine.
Ready to fire the load!
Heads up on the poop deck,
we've got incoming mail!
Get ready to fire the load!
Gunna fire the load!
Fire the load!


  • This is the first and only song in the series where Xandir is the only one who sings.

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