The EW critic as envisioned by the Drawn Together writers.

Drawn Together has received both positive and negative reviews in its existence, but the highest profile criticism it has received was an extremely negative review from the magazine Entertainment Weekly. Consequently, a feud of sorts has developed between the two entities.

EW's initial preview of the show was actually positive (despite misidentifying Xandir as an anime character). Their "Calendar" for October 2004 [1] lists Drawn Together as follows:

Eight dysfunctional animated characters -- like a gay anime hero and a Disney-style princess -- are picked to live in a house and have their 'toon lives taped. It's dirty. It's cheap. It's wrong. We're in.

However, the October 29, 2004 [2] review for the series premiere is as follows:

It's what happens when women call each other nasty names or rappers drop the N-word like spare change: Everyone starts to think it's okay. Taking offensiveness to new levels, Drawn Together uses the Surreal Life conceit of B-list celebs thrown into a house, but with Z-level cartoon characters. Sample dialogue: Nothing reminds me of my first time like a chick crying. Sample scene: A vote to keep the black girl in the house devolves into a mock slave auction. This is TV that's so bad, it's bad for you, and more appropriately belongs in What Not to Watch. F

In the DVD commentary to "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist", the creators mention that the show received an "F" and laugh about the fact. In the second season episode "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree", they respond to the criticism in-show when the housemates read the EW review and become devastated, but then recover and seek revenge. EW took the opportunity to review the show again (though the review is no longer available on the website).

When Tonight's Best TV overlord Alynda Wheat reviewed this bawdy cartoon series in 2004, she gave it an F. For fun! (Or... funless? I can't recall.) Apparently, this grade wedgie snagged the attention of the Drawn scribes; this week, the gang wreaks bloody revenge on EW after reading the aforementioned critique. (What's most shocking is not the grisly body count but that the show's animators think we actually wear suits to work.) Based on Spanky Ham's uncorking of a (precisely) 60-second fart, we could award this episode an A. But we don't want that first F getting lonely, so here's another one. F.

A September 14, 2007 [3] "What's on Cable This Fall?" sections lists the Drawn Together mid-season premiere, and adds "Tune in to see if this animated series still hates EW."

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