The Entertainment Weekly Employees are characters that appeared as the secondary antagonists of the Drawn Together episode "Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree". They were the employees of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, like The Jewish Conservative Pro Life Born Again Overweight Asian Indian Homophobic Lesbian Broad Who Cuts Herself and the Secretary.

Role in the episode Edit

The Employees were working in the Headquarters of Entertainment Weekly when the gang of Drawn Together entered in the scene. After this, they were killed by the furious gang:

  • Princess Clara choked a Female Employee until her eyes burst.
  • Ling-Ling throwed stapples into a Male Employee until his neck broke and his head fell to the floor.
  • Toot Braunstein put a paper saying "Kill Me" into the back of an Asiatic Male Employee and he was killed by other employees via being stabbed in the face and shoot dead with a pistol.
  • Spanky Ham cut the hand of a Black Male Employee and killed him via stabbing him in the head with his hurted hand.
  • Foxxy Love and Wooldoor Sockbat killed a Fat Female Employee with a bloody trap, making her body to explode and three Ewoks from Star Wars celebrated her death.
  • Other employees were killed offscreen, including one who was hanged with the ceiling fan of the room.
  • The Secretary was the only Entertainment Weekly employee who survived the attack. The Drawn Together gang left her alive after she received them in good ways and offered to go for coffee. After she saw that all her fellows were gone, she decided to use the photocopier to make photocopies of her ass.