Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly also known as EW is a popular magazine that reviews TV shows, movies, music, theatre, pop culture, and other forms of entertainment, giving criticisms on the kinds of media, grading them on a letter scale from A to F, as a way of recommending things to their viewers. When EW did a review on Drawn Together, they gave their show a letter grade of F. In the episode Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree, the series satirized how EW so hatefully criticized them. Clara, Wooldoor, Foxxy, Toot, Ling-Ling, and Spanky read a magazine from Entertainment Weekly and were all shocked to see their letter grade. They all blamed Spanky for being the reason they got a bad grade because he was the one who always made a bunch of tasteless fart jokes. The entire gang went completely insane, knowing that they were an F worthy show, but then Spanky met his thousands of fans who loved Drawn Together and he realized that his show was not as hated as EW said it was. He told the rest of the gang and they all turned on EW and went to take their evil empire down. They broke into the Entertainment Weekly industries and murdered everyone who worked there. Spanky realized that the person who ran all of Entertainment Weekly was a Jewish Conservative Pro Life Born Again Overweight Asian Indian Homophobic Lesbian Broad Who Cuts Herself, a combination of all the things Drawn Together makes fun of. Spanky had a few words with her, and they came to the agreement that she wasn't their target audience and that Drawn Together was a steaming pile of shit.


  • Entertainment Weekly actually did give the show the rating of "F". In fact, the review shown is the actual review EW originally gave the pilot episode. Once the plot of this episode became known to EW, they took the opportunity to review the show again. Not surprisingly, they ended up giving this episode an "F" as well. (See Entertainment Weekly reaction to Drawn Together for more information.)
  • In the show, Entertainment Weekly is portrayed to have an entire building where their industry is. In reality, EW doesn't actually have an industry. Entertainment Weekly is just one magazine series alongside many others, that some from a company called Time Inc., which does have it's own industry.
  • The back cover of the Entertainment Weekly issue the housemates read shows an ad for an alcoholic beverage called Positiv, a pun on Absolut Vodka, a beverage frequently pictured in magazine ads. The magazine's front cover (which is not a real EW cover) features Paris Hilton.


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