Edward Goldberg
Edward Goldberg in TOE
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Edward Goldberg
Gender Male
Race Jewish
Hair Gray
Age 60's
Job Unknown
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Jewish
Voiced by Jess Harnell
Edward Goldberg is a semi-recurring character in Drawn Together. Edward Goldberg is an exaggerated Jewish stereotype who has appeared a few times in the show and seems to have a bad interaction with Clara, mostly because of their strong dedication to opposing religions.


In the episode "Terms of Endearment", Edward was a hebrew with a black kippah and a big light bray, bushy beard. He had darker gray hair in curls along the back of his neck and very furry eyebrows of the same color. He had brown eyes that were very big and round and he also had a very big nose. Edward didn't wear socks or shoes and he wore a huge gray robe with dim colored purple trim around the sleeves.

When he returned in "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", Edward's appearance changed around a little bit. His hat was now a dark gray homburg hat. He has smaller eyes that were black and a more human-like nose. His hair and beard were all consistent with the same normal shade of gray and his hair did not run down the back. Instead, it had two curly locks that were on both sides of his head. He wore a blackish brownish jacket over a white buttoned shirt.


Terms of Endearment: In this episode, Edward was shown to be a dead body of which Wooldoor used to test the brain cells of. He showed the rest of the housemates how certain brain cells trigger certain actions. Although he was dead, Wooldoor was able to use the brain cell which triggered his negative stereotypes, making him come to life and lash out at Wooldoor, threatening to sue him for every penny and invest it wisely.

Edward Goldberg

Edward's appearance in Foxxy vs. The Board of Education

Foxxy vs. the Board of Education: Edward appeared again in this episode, with a slightly different physical appearance. He was seen putting water purifiers in the well. Clara assumed that he was poisoning it, but when she found out that she had been tricked, she was really angry. Edward kept constantly harassing her in this episode, telling her that she had "nice tits".

Captain Girl: This episode featured a variation of Edward. He was a villain known as "Senior Eskimo Goldberg", a confused villain who seemed to be a combination of multiple different races.

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