The Drawn Together House is the house where the Drawn Together cast lives. It is a huge mansion in the suburbs where the reality show Drawn Together primarily takes place. The Drawn Together house has appeared in every episode of the show. It's first appearance being Hot Tub and it's last being The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! where is was destroyed.


The Drawn Together House is a big, yellow, semi-detached two story house with a dark blackish, brownish roof. It seems to be, mainly a square house with some wings that would belong to other kinds of houses on the left side of the base, is a normal-shaped bungalow-like house. On the other side are two additional wings that also seem to be square shaped, with one having a rounded roof. The windows are rimmed with a brown sill and there is also a big front porch by the front door.


  • In the original pilot episode, the Drawn Together House was bigger, blue, and more building like. It also looked like it had four stories.
  • The shortest appearance the house has ever made was in Lost in Parking Space, Part Two, where it was only seen at the beginning of the episode where Clara signed her soul away to the delivery man for a few seconds, making it only make a cameo appearance in this episode, not counting the Confessional sequences.

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