Dr. Lingstein
Dr. Lingstein
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Dr. Lingstein
Gender Male
Race Asian (Battle Monster)
Hair Black
Age Unknown
Job Doctor
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Dr. Lingstein is a battle monster doctor who used to work at the Hospital a long time ago. He appeared in the episode Drawn Together Babies. Dr. Lingstein is a battle monster who looks very similar to Ling-Ling. He is one of the many men to have had sex with Charlotte the Babysitter.


Dr. Lingstein was a gag character who briefly appeared in the episode Drawn Together Babies. When Clara, Xandir, Spanky, and Ling-Ling were pretending to be Charlotte, they needed to fake giving birth the trick Chad and Chad's Rebellious Brother, Chase. So they just pushed Ling-Ling out the bottom and passed him off as her baby. When asked who he looked more like, the doctor said that he looked most like Dr. Lingstein, revealing that there was a doctor in the hospital who looked just like Ling-Ling, only as a full grown adult and slightly tweaked to be dressed up like a doctor. Dr. Lingstein, implying, that he had coincidentally had sex with the real Charlotte, became struck with fear and nervously told everyone that he had just been paged, and then he dived through the window, saying that he regrets nothing and crashed into the ground, causing a huge explosion as he died.


Dr. Lingstein's body is identical to Ling-Ling's. He is a giant orange battle monster who has big ears and a black exclamation mark shaped tail. He has dark orange beady eyes and a lock of nicely combed, black hair on his head. He wears a white doctor's suit and a blue undershirt with a dark blue tie. The differences between him and Ling-Ling other than this would be that his skin is much lighter than his, and he has dark orange scales that go down his back.

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