Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.
Gender Male
Race African American
Hair Black
Age 60
Job Actor
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Voiced by Unknown
Denzel Washington is a movie actor who appeared in the Drawn Together episode Unrestrainable Trainable.


In the episode Unrestrainable Trainable, Clara kept distracting Foxxy from figuring out that she's been keeping Wooldoor sick by making her look away, telling her that Denzel Washington is there. Eventually, the real Denzel Washington showed up there, telling Foxxy the truth. Clara then covered his mouth, distracted her again and threw him out the window, killing him.

In the episode Toot Goes Bollywood, Foxxy received a number of phone calls from famous celebrities. One of which was Denzel Washington.

In the episode American Idol Parody Clip Show, a clip from his appearance in Unrestrainable Trainable was seen, as one of Clara and Foxxy's best moments in the third season. He was later seen as one of the people who has died over the course of the series, showing the scene from Unrestrainable Trainable, where Clara threw him out the window.

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