One of the distinguishing features in Drawn Together is that they tend to do Cutaway Gags every now and then. Every cutaway gag in the show varies from reason to reason. Most of them tie in with the plot, and some of them are just there to completely drift off and be completely random in a way that parodies Family Guy. A lot of the cutaway gags are projected through blue filters, as a way of giving the show a reality show feel.

Season 1Edit

Screenshot Title Appears in Cutaway Owner Episode No. Overall No.
Ling-Ling seizures Giving kids seizures Hot Tub Ling-Ling 1 1
Ling-Ling explains how he's given multiple young children seizures with the flashy graphics on his show.
Xandir's never ending quest montage Xandir's girlfriend montage Hot Tub Toot Braunstein 2 2
Toot tells Xandir's girlfriend that he's never mentioned anything about a girlfriend. A flashback montage to all of the thousands of times he did mention his girlfriend then plays.
Grapes are fun Grapes are Fun Hot Tub Captain Hero 3 3
Captain Hero complains about Xandir, saying he's always mentioning his girlfriend, and a flashback montage to a bunch of quotes where he didn't mention his girlfriend then plays.
Clara believes everything she hears Clara believes everything she hears Clara's Dirty Little Secret Foxxy Love 1 4
Foxxy says that Clara believes every stupid lie she hears, cuing Princess Clara learning about Christianity and stupidly accepting it without any reason.
Archaic Recording Machine Old Record Player Gay Bash Wooldoor Sockbat 1 5
Wooldoor says that their record player is getting old and a stone record player is shown with a pterodactyl as the needle, saying "It's a living."
Oxygen Competition Oxygen Competition Requiem for a Reality Show Toot Braunstein 1 6
Toot mentions that she's till woozy from last week's oxygen competition, where she, Ling-Ling, Xandir, and Foxxy were all trapped in a room without any oxygen.
Give me the ring Clara should've killed Foxxy The Other Cousin Princess Clara 1 7
Princess Clara regrets not killing Foxxy during a time when Foxxy was hanging over a river of lava, and Clara threatened Foxxy that she wanted her to give her the ring.
Toot Eating The TV Toot's first resort to all of her problems is to eat them The Other Cousin Xandir 2 8
Xandir asks Toot why her first reaction to everything is to eat it. A cutaway then shows her eating the TV because she couldn't find the remote.
Fellings for Bleh Real feelings for Bleh The Other Cousin Captain Hero and Princess Clara 3 9
Captain hero convinces Clara that he has true feelings of love for Bleh and as Clara considers, this a flashback montage of their romantic moments together plays.
Captain Hero wins fifty dollars Captain Hero wins $50 The Other Cousin Captain Hero 4 10
Captain Hero wins $50 from Spanky for banging Bleh and then goes on a shopping spree.
Bleh wins fifty dollars Bleh wins $50 The Other Cousin Bleh 5 11
Bleh wins $50 off of Spanky's retarded counterpart for banging Captain Hero and then goes on a shopping spree the same way Captain Hero did earlier.
Toot stole a carriadge Some other disgusting pig Dirty Pranking No. 2 The King 1 12
The King reminisces about his carriage being stolen and blames Spanky because he remembers seeing a big ugly pig snout when it happened. When Spanky denies it, The King disbelieves him. However, it actually was another ugly disgusting pig, cut to Toot waking up drunk in the wrecked carriage and calling her AA Sponsor.
Ling-Ling in the car Ling-Ling in the car Dirty Pranking No. 2 Captain Hero 2 13
Captain Hero tells Xandir to open the car window because he left Ling-Ling in there and he could use some fresh air. Cut to Ling-Ling, lying suffocated and dead in a booster seat, with his face swollen from air deprivation and worms crawling in his ears and mouth.

Season 3Edit

Screenshot Title Appears in Cutaway Owner Episode No. Overall No.
Captain Hero becomes president Captain Hero becomes Frat president Freaks & Greeks Captain Hero 1 1
Captain Hero mentioned how he attempted and failed to become the president of his frat, back in college.
Jun-Jee plays Keraokee Jun-Jee's Karaoke Night Freaks & Greeks Jun-Jee 2 2
Jun-Jee mentions that he's too old to do karaoke anymore.
Jewish Frat Jewish Fraternity Freaks & Greeks Captain Hero 3 3
Captain Hero says that their frat is becoming lamer than the Jewish frat next door.
Xandir in the car Xandir in the car trunk Freaks & Greeks Captain Hero 4 4
Captain Hero asks Xandir to back him up on something. The screen cuts to Xandir, who is still trapped in the trunk of a car, screaming for his life.
Car Dealership Guy Car Dealership Guy Freaks & Greeks Toot Braunstein 5 5
Toot tells Ling-Ling that who she sleeps with it her business and getting him a 20% off deal on a used Chevrolet is his business, cutting to a crazy car dealership salesman with a giant cowboy hat.
Wooldoor at the Barmitzvah Wooldoor Bar Mitzvah Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle Wooldoor Sockbat 1 6
Wooldoor says that he's earned enough money as a Bar Mitzvah to have his own TV show. Cut to him in a room full of Jews, throwing around a bunch of money.
The Loch Ness Monster and God's Mercy The Loch Ness Monster and God's Mercy Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle Toot 2 7
Toot claims that the Weinermobile is as real as The Loch Ness Monster and God's mercy. A kid is then seen, floating on a boat in the ocean, and praying to God to let him survive, only to be devoured whole by the Loch Ness Monster.
Racist Walrus lost in the DPAD Racist Walrus lost in the Detroit Projects after dark. Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle Wooldoor 3 8
Wooldoor says that he's deader than a racist walrus lost in the Detroit Projects after dark. A walrus is then seen shouting to a bunch of black people "Don't any of you schwoogies have jobs?" and being beaten senseless.
Chinese Gay Kids Turning the whole world gay Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle Wooldoor and Xandir 4 9
Wooldoor and Xandir deny that The Happy Stupid Kid show will turn kids all over the world gay. Cut to a montage of kids all over the world from Eskimos, to Asians, to French kids becoming gay for each other after watching the show.

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