Crashy Smashy Die Die Die
Season 2, Song 6
Crashy Smashy Die Die Die
Singers(s) Foxxy Love
Episode Captain Hero's Marriage Pact
Song guide
"Superman (It's not easy)"
"Drunk Ass Bitch"

Crashy Smashy Die Die Die is a song by Foxxy Love. The song is about car accidents (a possible reference about what happened to her friends.) and injuries. In the whole song, Foxxy is either naked or wearing a purple thong with a snake covering her chest. The song is possibly dedicated to Foxxy's friends, Lil Foxxy, Foxxy Phat, Foxxy Yella, and Foxxy Dark.


Foxxy: Splattered 'cross the hood, bloody guts and pain! (Crashy Smashy my oh my.)
Compound fracture, puncture lung, bashed in brains! (Crashy Smashy Die Die Die!)
Crunchy, cracky, smacky, wacky! All that's left...
Is best friend puddin' topped with asphault death!
Hey crashy smashy! (Another statistic!)
Crash and Die! (Crashy smashy my oh my)
Crash and Die! (Crashy smashy die die die)
Crash and Die! (Crashy smashy my oh my)
Crash and Diiiiiiiie! (Crashy smashy die die die)


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