Craig is an ex-boyfriend of Xandir's. He has never been seen in the show, but he has been mentioned on multiple occasions. Xandir holds some kind of grudge for Craig because unlike himself, Craig refuses to come out of the closet. Craig has apparently told Xandir that he's gay and has even had a relationship with him, but he had never actually come out to the world to let them know his feelings. This eventually led to him breaking up with Xandir. Disappointed in him for doing this, Xandir will constantly slander about him on television, and criticize him for not coming out. He does this by mentioning something about homosexuality, previous relationships, coming out, etc. and then going into the confessional and saying "Isn't it, Craig?" or "Right, Craig?", taking a jab at him for not coming out and being free with his sexuality.


In the episode Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree, Xandir told Captain Hero (who was at the time, playing the role of his alter-ego, Tim Tommerson) that sometimes it's easier to stay in the closet. He then appeared in the closet, saying "Isn't it, Craig?" Later in the episode, he told Tim Tommerson that he had a lot of gay sex in the past and went on this huge tangent, which was basically just him dramatically repeating that he's had a lot of gay sex in the past. After the was finally done stressing that, he appeared in the confessional, saying "Right, Craig?" Xandir mentioned him once again, telling Tim Tommerson that it's okay to be scared, but it's not okay to deny who he truly is. He then appeared in the confessional and said "You get it now, Craig?"

In the episode Unrestrainable Trainable, Captain Hero told Xandir that when he has sex, he always pulls out. Xandir told him that pulling out doesn't always work. He then appeared in the confessional, with a baby sucking on his nipple and said "Right, Craig?" Apparently, one time during Xandir and Craig's aforementioned, endless stream of a lot of gay sex, Craig impregniated Xandir because Drawn Together does not follow the logic of gender differences and because Craig would not for the life of him, come out of the closet, Xandir was forced to keep custody of the child. Like with most Drawn Together jokes, the baby was never seen and these events were never mentioned ever again. Xandir's pregnancy with the child nor the birth was ever seen or even mentioned in the show.

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