Carousel of Progress
Season 3, Song 17
Carousel of Progress
Singers(s) Princess Clara, Foxxy Love, Captain Hero, Toot Braunstein, Xandir, Wooldoor Sockbat, Spanky Ham, Ling-Ling
Episode Breakfast Food Killer
Song guide
"Good Times"
"Honeycomb Jingle"

Carousel of Progress is a song sung by the cast of Drawn Together in the episode Breakfast Food Killer. It is a real song, coming from Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress. It was used three times in the episode but the last two times only featured half of the song.


All: Now is the time.
Now is the best time.
Now is the best time of your life.
There's so much to cheer for.
Be glad you're here for
the best time of your life!


  • This is the first song to be sung by all eight members of the Drawn Together cast.

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