Captain Hero's Mother
Angry Captain Hero's Mother
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Unknown
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Purple
Age Unknown
Job Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Roman Catholic
Voiced by Tara Strong
Captain Hero's Mother is the unnamed biological mother of Captain Hero and Captain She-Ro and the wife of Jeb-Hero. She made her first debut in Little Orphan Hero. Captain Hero refers to her as "Ima".


Captain Hero's Mother is a Caucasian superhero woman with shiny, purple, wavy hair. She wears a hot pink suit with a lavender under suit with a male symbol on it. The hole in the middle of the male symbol exposes her breasts. She also wears a purple belt and pink gloves and red lipstick. She has lavender eyes and black eyeliner.


Captain Hero's Mother is a very nice and loving mother who cares dearly for her son. However, that's not the way she felt when she first gave birth to him and they had him aborted to planet earth. She deeply regrets it now and is truly sorry with all her heart for him. She is also very emotional as she will cry or get furious pretty easily.


  • "Son, look at you!"
  • "You are not going out looking like that and take out their piercing!"
  • "Oh, son, I love you too. Too much to keep lying to you and you deserve to know the truth about how you came to be on planet earth."
  • "Oh, baby, I know the feeling."
  • "What the?"
  • "Help! Help!"
  • "Captain Leslie Hero, you thought this would prove you're not a lame superhero!?"
  • "The doctor was right. You are so lame!"
  • "Yes, yes you are!"
  • "I'm not being mean to you! You're just too lame to see it!"
  • "They're all dead! Everyone I've ever known is dead!"
  • "Some asshole destroyed all of Zebulon! Who would do such a terrible thing!? Who!? Who!?"
  • "Son, can we stay here with you? You know, til we find an apartment?"
  • "You'd do that, after what we did to you?"
  • "Oh, son, I was wrong about you. There's so many definitions of a hero, but for me, someone who lifts you up, and gives you hope when some dick head throws your planet into the son. That is a hero, a super hero, a Captain Hero."
  • "Sure, we won't tell anybody."
  • "Honey, we're pregnant!" (In a comic book)
  • "Nooooooo!" (In a comic book)


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