Captain Hero's 12 Year Old Self
Captain Hero when he was 12
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Captain Leslie Hero
Gender Male
Race Zebulonian
Hair Black
Age 12
Job Student
Sexuality Pansexual
Religion Judaism
Voiced by Jess Harnell
Captain Hero's 12 Year Old Self is the 12 year old version of Captain Hero, who communicated with his future self in the episode Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care. In this episode, Captain Hero got electrocuted by lightning, which gave his nipple ring the power the gain a signal from another phone in the past. This was the phone of himself, 28 years ago. When talking to his past self, Captain Hero did nothing but screw with him.


Captain Hero's 12 Year Old Self is a scrawny, young pre-teenage boy who has pale white skin, covered in a bunch of light pink acne and pimples. He has long, shaggy black hair that he wears in a mullet that goes down to his neck.


Captain Hero's 12 Year Old Self is a very excitable and happy little pre-teen boy who says and does all of the things that people used to do in the 80's, from saying all of the phrases, to watching all of the shows, to listening to all of the music. He is a nerdy kid at his school who only became more unpopular when Captain Hero made him humiliate himself. Eventually it got to the point where Captain Hero drove him to being the widely hated, perverted, murderous, psychopath that he is today.


  • Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care: Captain Hero was able to communicate with himself from 26 years in the past and he pulled a bunch of pranks on him. His 12 year old self was in love with a girl named Letta Lame and wanted to go to the Barn Dance with her, so Captain Hero pulled a joke on him, making him ruin his chances with her, by lightning the dance on fire and killing Letta Lame. Captain Hero eventually got arrested when it came to a joke where he wanted to see a picture of his own penis, and his 12 year old self told him it was a revenge joke. Captain Hero revealed that he was pulling all these jokes on him because when he was 12, some 30 year old contacted him from the future and did all the exact same things he was doing. He then told him to "Go screw a garbage disposal" just as that "guy from the future" said to him, and the last we ever saw of him was hearing his penis being torn apart by the blades of the garbage disposal.
  • American Idol Parody Clip Show: Captain Hero's 12 Year Old Self was seen in the audience of the clip show, during Captain Hero's performance of Daisy Bell.

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