Brian Dunkleman
Brian Dunkleman
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Brian Dunkleman
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Hair Black
Age 43
Job Clip Show Host (Unemployed)
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Brian Dunkleman is a former co-host on American Idol. He appeared in the Drawn Together episode American Idol Parody Clip Show, replacing the role of The Jew Producer as the host, after he had killed himself.


In the episode American Idol Parody Clip Show, The Jew Producer had gone mad with insanity, hearing that Xandir had denied them ever being in a sexual relationship. He had an emotional breakdown on live television and shot himself. Because of his death, his position as the show's host was instantly filled by former American Idol Co-Host, Brian Dunkleman, who was happy to be on the show. Brian introduced Xandir to the stage, where he sang the song Fire the Load, which landed him in the "Not safe" zone. He then sent Spanky Ham on stage to sing his reprise of I wanted you to know. By the time Spanky was done, Brian was frozen in fear, being afraid of how everyone is staring at him, and not wanting to screw up his career at the clip show host like he did with the American Idol co-host. Being paralyzed in fear, Spanky temporarily takes over for him as the host and deems himself safe. Foxxy and Clara sing their reprise of La-la-la-la Labia and at this time, Brian has come back to earth again. He deems Foxxy safe and Clara not safe. When it comes to voting off the not safe contestant, the three on the chopping block are Clara, Xandir, and Wooldoor. However, Brian votes off Munchkin Mouse, a character who the audience has never been introduced to, but the cast of the series pretends to have known forever. At the end of the episode, everyone mimics Brian Dunkleman's lack of success, by sadly leaving the stage, carrying boxes of their belongings and into a room titled "Unemployment".

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