Board of Education
Season 2, Song 5
Singers(s) The Board of Education
Episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education
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Board of Education is a song sang by The Board of Education in the episode Foxxy vs. the Board of Education. It is a parody of Schoolhouse Rock songs.


Board of Education: (singing) I am the Board of the Educa-a-tion.
I'm here to serve the interests of our na-a-tion.
But keeping kids learning, doesn't fetch much of an earning.
So to make some decent money something had to be done.

(speaking) Being the genius that I am, I combined two time-honored American methods of achieving wealth: selling stupid stuff to suckers, and exploiting the black man!

(singing) Now we make countless millions off the worthless crap that black folks buy.
From their very first gold tooth, down to their pimped out rides.
Huge medallions, tacky blings; no-one would buy those things.
Unless there was a way to keep them gullibly dumb.
So we keep them out of college. It's what needs to be done.

(speaking) So you see why we can't let blacks pass the SATs. No educated person would spend money on gold rims, purple leather seats, and flip-down LCD screens for $3,000 Geos.