Blue Ball
Blue Ball 71
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Blue Ball
Gender Male
Race Ball
Hair Bald
Age 71
Job Ball Pit Ball
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor

Blue Ball labeled "Fairytale Advisor"  is a talking blue ball in a ball pit from the episode "Hot Tub". He was a ball that randomly came to life during a conversation between Spanky Ham and Princess Clara. He listened to Spanky give Clara advice on how to deal with her problem with Foxxy. After hearing this, he used the confessional to say that it's good that Clara took advice from Spanky instead of himself because his advice would have been to shoot the president. Blue Ball is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


Blue Ball is a blue plastic ball with eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth. He speaks in a smooth, deep voice.


  • "What you talking about, pig?"
  • "Usually, Clara looks to us for advice but this time it came from Spanky. It's a good thing, too, because I was going to tell her to shoot the president."


  • He is the first character who is not part of the main cast to use the confessional.
  • He made a cameo in the episode "Breakfast Food Killer" as one of the people waiting in line to be the new character to replace Quackers on the cereal box.

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