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Drawn Together Character
Full Name Bleh
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair Red
Age 20 (estimated)
Job Unknown
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Voiced by Sarah Silverman

Bleh is Princess Clara's mentally challenged cousin, her condition being the result of her mother drinking while she was pregnant. She has to wear a football helmet to protect her head, her eyes point in different directions (Strabismus), and she possesses a severe overbite (Malocclusion). Her arms are held in a way which suggest cerebral palsy, and she has Polydactyly, so she has to wear corrective shoes (even though she did wear high heels during her date with Captain Hero). (In one scene she is shown to have six toes on her right foot, but this appears to be an animation goof since in other scenes, her foot is shown with the correct number of toes.) However, the rest of her body is extremely attractive, akin to that of a Playboy Playmate. Her speech consists almost solely of blurbs taken from critical reviews of the film I Am Sam; she makes a harsh donkey-like braying sound when excited or distressed, and is prone to drooling. She sleeps in a pet carrier, and had a short-lived relationship with Captain Hero, with neither of them realizing that the other entered into the relationship to win a bet. She possesses the ability to count cards; this ability was inspired by Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. Bleh's name is a reference to The Facts of Life, a reference to how Blair Warner's handicapped cousin pronounced Blair's name. Her overall appearance seems to resemble Ariel from The Little Mermaid; of course, this is because she is essentially a redheaded version of Clara, whose design is directly based on that of Ariel.


The Other Cousin: Bleh is introduced, and has a short-lived relationship with Captain Hero. At the end of the DVD version of the episode, we see that all of Bleh's friends from the mental institution are retarded versions of the Drawn Together housemates, with Bleh being the retarded version of Clara.

Ghostesses in the Slot Machine: Captain Hero and Spanky Ham bring Bleh to the casino to take advantage of her card counting ability.

The Drawn Together Clip Show: Bleh and her friends have cameo appearances as audience members at the clip show.


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