Black Chick's Tongue Reprise
Season 3, Song 26
Wooldoor singing Black Chick's Tongue
Singers(s) Wooldoor Sockbat
Episode American Idol Parody Clip Show
Song guide
"A Moment Like This Reprise"
"Ling-Ling Battle Song Cover"

Black Chick's Tongue Reprise is Wooldoor Sockbat's song entry in the American Idol Parody Clip Show. It's his reprise of Princess Clara and Foxxy Love's Black Chick's Tongue from the episode Hot Tub.


Wooldoor: What is this thing in my mouth?
It's slippery and it's slimy.
Traveling down my slender virgin pink esophagus.
Some black Chick's tongue!!!
It's such a new sensation!!!
I got a mayonnaise mama on my licking hole
and we've only just begun!!!

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