Being a Hero is a song sung by Captain Hero. It is a parody on Five For Fighting's Superman (It's not Easy). This song was originally intended to be in the episode Little Orphan Hero, but it was scrapped when they got the rights to the actual song.


Captain Hero: Being a hero, it's hard.
Being a hero, it's hard all the time.
Super-human powers, you'd think it's easy,
but being pretty much invincible, is not what it seems to be.
Being a hero, it's hard.
'Cause there's an unbelievably endless stream of poontang.
It's like you're a tapioca factory running 24 hours a day
and even if you stop for a second to foil some kind of robbery or something
You find yourself in public wearing tights with a woodie that won't go away.
Being a hero, it's hard
And also it can be difficult dealing with the stress of knowing
that there are hundreds of hardened criminals trying to kill you at any given moment
with death beams and horridly sadistic torture devices
that only the sickest mind can imagine
and your fucked up dysfunctional family doesn't understand
and no matter how many times you save the world it can never be enough for daddy
and for every good deed you do there's like a thousand evil deeds that go unchecked
and the human race is doomed to a self made armageddon
but mostly,
it's hard
'Cause of all the pussy.


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