Batman is a DC superhero. He has made a few cameo appearances on Drawn Together.

Batman first appeared in a cutaway gag in the episode Little Orphan Hero where it showed a flashback to when Captain Hero got drunk and made fun of his parents dying which made his lose credibility as a friend and not get invited to his parties anymore.

Batman was seen again in The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! as one of the other superheroes who was with Molly. However, instead of actually having sex with her, Batman left her in the sink and did it with Robin in the toilet.


  • Whereas the movie featured him in a style possibly meaning to represent the look from the famous 1966 TV series, Batman's first appearance in Little Orphan has him looking very close to the style he was drawn in for Batman The Animated Series, very much like how Captain Hero spoofed Superman's design from his animated series.

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