Barry the Chicken
Drawn Together Character
Full Name Barry the Chicken
Gender Male
Race Mexican (Chicken)
Hair None
Age Unknown
Job Cock Fighter
Sexuality Heterosexual
Religion Christian
Voiced by Unknown
Barry the Chicken is an anthropomorphic chicken who is used in cock fights. He appeared in the episode Mexican't Buy Me Love.


Barry the Chicken was released into battle against Ling-Ling, and Ling-Ling was about to kill him, but he decided to spare his life, remembering that earlier, Jose Leno told him that chickens are a peaceful race. After that, Barry went back to the chicken coop to tell the other chickens that he killed Ling-Ling in battle. Ling-Ling then appeared in the coop, proving him to be a liar. The other chickens turned on him, believing that he didn't fuck Shakira either. They were about to kill him, until Ling-Ling spared his life again, saying that they should take down the greater enemy, which was The King of Mexico. The chickens and Ling-Ling went off to fight him, and Barry then took control of the chicken army and led them all to destroy the King of Mexico once and for all.

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