Drawn Together Character
Full Name Bambi
Gender Male
Race Deer
Hair Brown Fur
Age 6 or under
Job Army Leader
Sexuality Unknown
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Tara Strong

Bambi is a deer that comes from a Disney movie of the same name. He was featured as a character in the Drawn Together episode N.R.A.y RAY, getting revenge on Captain Hero for killing his mother.


Bambi is a little fawn with light brown fur. He has spots on his head and a light tan tail. He also has dark brown eyes.


Bambi appears to be a happy, innocent and joyful little deer who is very nice to other people even if they have done as much as killing his mother. He was very miserable and felt empathy for his mother's death and begged Captain Hero to rid the world of all assault rifles and armor piercing bullets. However, he is not what he comes across as. He is truly an evil murderous psychopath, bent on dominating the planet who killed his own mother in order to trick Captain Hero into ridding the world of weaponry, so that he would be able to lead his army of deer, attack them all, and then rule the world.

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