Ariel dying in Spelling Applebee's

Ariel is a character from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. She is also the prototype that Princess Clara is a parody of and she has even been featured in some episodes.


Ariel in Drawn Together

Ariel first appeared in Foxxy vs. the Board of Education where she was one of the patients at the hospital. She was seen choking on a plactic six pack holder, with one end around her neck and the other around her hand. There was also another one on her tail and other hand. Ariel's face was turning blue.

She appeared again in Spelling Applebee's as one of Clara's friends, ridding a pumpkin carriage with Aurora and Snow White. In this episode, her design was different and she had closer resemblance to the original Disney version. At the end of the episode, she died in a car crash and her fin was blown off.